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South Beach Diet is an increasingly popular diet based on the low-carbohydrate diet that emphasizes regular intake of protein with moderate amounts of carbohydrates. In particular, the South Beach Diet menu consists of mostly fish and low-fat dairy products. It is claimed that if you follow the South Beach diet correctly, you will not only lose weight, but also feel better than ever. However, what do other people say about this diet?

south beach diet

South Beach Diet is great! I lost two pounds in my first week and have kept it off ever since. The shakes are great – I don’t have to worry about counting carbs or counting calories. I also really liked the menu plan: the books give you lots of variety by serving different foods every day. My favorite foods are chicken, tuna salad, eggs on sandwiches, and vegetable salad.”

South Beach Diet  Arthur Agatston, one of the leading authors of the south beach diet, was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on her show. In the interview, he talked about the six phase menu that his diet promotes. In the first phase, you won’t be eating any type of white flour products or sugar. You can eat lean meats such as turkey and chicken and enjoy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

South Beach Diet In the second phase, you will be gradually introducing higher levels of dietary fats and other carbohydrates. By staying away from refined carbohydrates, you should be able to reduce your weight to a level where you will feel light and healthy. In the third phase, you will be eating small quantities of carbohydrates but in larger amounts of protein. As you progress through the south beach diet, you should be able to maintain your weight with a good amount of exercise.

south beach diet

South Beach Diet has two basic categories of foods that are based on their glycemic index. These are low GI and high GI. Foods with low GI have low rates of rise in blood glucose levels. Foods with high GI have a higher rate of rise in blood glucose levels. High GI foods are very quickly digested so they tend to increase your overall insulin levels which can contribute to weight gain.

South Beach Diet has two fundamental principles: you should limit the amount of carbohydrates you take in and you should limit the amount of saturated fats and cholesterol you consume. These basic principles hold the key to a healthy, low calorie, low carb diet that will help you lose weight. The south beach diet is not a hard and fast rule for losing weight. You need to make some smart food choices and combine the south beach diet with other weight loss tips.



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